About Our Abrasive Products

Non-Woven Cotton Fiber Abrasive Products

Rex-Cut cotton fiber abrasive products are used throughout the world for a variety of applications requiring medium to light duty metal removal, deburring, and finishing. These products differ from other bonded and coated abrasive products by their unique construction and their ability to grind and finish in one operation.

Rex-Cut cotton fiber products are bonded laminates of non-woven, abrasive impregnated cotton fabric. Varying hardness of bond is available to produce products suitable for application on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials – i.e. stainless steel, aluminum, and exotics.


Industries using cotton reinforced abrasive products include aircraft, aerospace, ship building, jewelry, tool and die, automotive food processing, dairy, cutlery, welding trade, general fabrication, and others. Rex-Cut’s complete line of cotton reinforced Type 1 straight sided abrasive wheels, Type 27 depressed center wheels, Mounted Wheels and Points, Quick Change Discs, and Sticks combine the free cutting qualities of bonded wheels with the smooth grinding action of coated abrasives to meet a wide range of grinding, blending, and finishing needs.

Special Features and Advantages

  • Fast, One Step Finishing: The composition of Rex-Cut’s abrasive products enables them to grind and finish in one operation. They have consistently reduced finishing steps from two or three to one.
  • Versatility: The wide range of applications on which cotton reinforced products are used, make them one of the most versatile of all abrasive tools. From the aggressive stock removal of TX (resin) bonded products to the finishing performance of FX (latex) bonded products, cotton reinforced abrasives provide results characteristic of resinoid, vitrified, and rubber bonded abrasives all in a single product.
  • Cool Cutting Action: Our unique construction continually exposes new abrasive grain during the grinding process resulting in cooler operation, and no back transfer or smearing.
  • Smooth, Quiet Action: With its soft cushion-like grinding action, the composition of cotton reinforced products makes them resilient, smooth handling and quiet. Any tendency toward vibration and chatter is reduced.
  • Long Life: Our products not only offer long life on the original job, but they can be dressed down and utilized on other applications.