Abrasive Safety

The following abrasive safety information should be used only as a guide for the Rex-Cut range of products.

  1. Check all wheels for cracks or other damage before mounting.
  2. Check machine speeds against maximum operating speed of the wheel. For more information on wheel operating speeds, see the Products section of this web site.
  3. Be sure that the wheel bore, threaded or unthreaded, fits machine arbor properly and that flanges are clean, flat and of the proper type for the wheel you are mounting.
  4. Run the wheel in a protected area at least one minute before grinding.
  5. Wheels must be properly guarded.
  6. Wear protective safety glasses or a proper face shield.
  7. Do not use wheels which have been dropped or otherwise damaged.
  8. Do not use excessive pressure when mounting wheels between flanges. Tighten nut sufficiently to hold wheel firmly.
  9. Do not use heavy side grinding pressure on any Type 1 straight sided wheel.
  10. Do not mount more than one wheel on a single arbor.


Rex-cut wheels should be stacked flat, not on their edges, in a dry area.


Improper use may cause grinding wheel breakage and serious injury. Grinding wheels should always be used in strict accordance with National Standards Institute (A.N.S.I.) Safety Code B7.1 and OSHA regulations.