Abrasive Specifications

Rex-Cut Abrasives cotton fiber products are manufactured with laminates of non-woven abrasives cotton fabric embedded with grain. We manufacture abrasive products with different degrees of hardness to suite specific applications for stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, as well as exotics.

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Abrasive Specifications for Cotton Fiber Products

Type of Grain
AAluminum oxide
CSilicon carbide
Type of Grain
16, 24, 36Coarse
54, 80Medium
120, 180Fine
320*Very Fine
*available only in aluminum oxide
NTXVery Hard
IGXFor specialty applications

Closer Look into Bonds

GFXSoft, flexible synthetic latex bond for light deburring, blending, and finishing in one single operation
JTXMedium resin bond for light deburring, long life
MTXHard resin bond for light to medium stock removal, long life
NTXVery hard resin bond for medium stock removal, long life

Surface Finish Comparisons

Measured in micro-inches for a value of RA (roughness average)

Grit SizeRA*Rex-Cut Cotton Fiber RA**Sigma Green RA**
24210 - 240110 - 130
36185 - 20538 - 80100
54 (60)140 - 18030 - 6080
8065 - 17520 - 50
12045 - 6015 - 30
18024 - 4010 - 20
2408 - 20N/A
3206 - 155 - 10
*Industry data for conventional abrasives on stainless steel
**Rex-Cut RA values are measured with a Mahr Federal Surface analyzer. The values are an average taken from multiple measurements on 304 stainless steel.

Grinding Wheel Spectrum

Abrasive Specifications - Grinding Wheel Spectrum

Non-Woven Cotton Fiber Vs. Synthetic Products