Coming Soon… ADVANTAGE

Coming Soon… ADVANTAGE

Rex-Cut’s ADVANTAGE Type 29 disc will be debuted at FABTECH 2017. ADVANTAGE is 100% more aggressive than a standard aluminum oxide grinding wheel. Engineered for fast grinding, this ceramic disc is rugged with a lightweight construction for unparalleled productivity.

ceramic grinding disc

The state-of-the-art ceramic grain combined with the proprietary backing creates a disc with the toughness of a grinding wheel and the rapid material removal of a resin fibre disc. The ergonomic modified Type 29 shape provides greater disc contact on the work surface to improve metal removal speed.

“The ultra-lightweight construction reduces vibration and operator fatigue,” stated Bob Costa, President of Rex-Cut Abrasives. “Supplying premium products that are safe and enhance the grinding experience is our top priority and ADVANTAGE certainly fulfills these objectives.”

ADVANTAGE is contaminant-free Fe + S + Cl < 0.1% and is engineered for stainless steel and carbon steel. This disc excels in weld bead removal, surface grinding, deburring, chamfering, beveling, and flame-cut steel removal. ADVANTAGE is available in both 4-1/2” and 5” discs sizes in 36 grit for fast stock removal, and 50 grit for a more refined surface finish.

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  1. hi there
    i am wondering are your products aviable
    i am a sort of atrist that works mainly with steel but i have also expanded into fiberglass wood and stone
    i mainly use sterl however and am very intrested in your grinding products as i grind off my welds mainly for cosmetic reasons
    i however live on a small island on the west coast over 4 hours from our large citys so its not easy to find stuff
    i mainly use flap discs and have noticed a lot of varience between diffrent brand discs often at the same price point
    so thats why i would be intrested in your products but i would also need to ordder them online i guess
    thanks very much for any response or help you may have

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