100% Employee-Owned Company

Founded in 1928, Employee Owned Since 2008

In 2008, Rex-Cut Abrasives employees purchased the company from the previous owners, making it a 100% employee owned ESOP company. This makes Rex-Cut one of the approximately 4,000 companies in the United States of America that are 100% employee owned by ESOP.

This change resulted in each employee taking a stake in the company’s success. Day to day, Rex-Cut employees work to make the best abrasive products possible, focusing on quality, consistency, and customer service. And because employees are part owners, everyone is well informed on the bigger picture of Rex-Cut as a business.

At Rex-Cut, employee owners are truly invested and stay with the company on average 26 years. This translates to a knowledgeable workforce that are experts in abrasives and are dedicated to our customer base.

Here at Rex-Cut we work to Improve Your Daily Grind, as well as ours!


Definition of ESOP

An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is an employee-owner program that provides a company’s workforce with an ownership interest in the company. In an ESOP, companies provide their employees with stock ownership.

For more information on Employee Ownership, visit our good friends The ESOP Association.


More About Rex-Cut

Take a look into our production department, meet some of the employee owners, and learn how our abrasive products are manufactured.