Marking & Specs

Standard Marking System & Specifications for Cotton Fiber Products

FX BOND – unique flexible bond that blends and finishes in one single operation

  • “G” hardness: soft bond for light deburring, blending, and finishing

TX BOND – strong resin bond that combines resiliency and cutting ability with long life

  • “J” hardness: medium bond for light deburring, longer life
  • “M” hardness: hard bond for light to medium stock removal
  • “N” hardness: very hard bond for medium stock removal and longer life

Surface Finish Comparisons

Measured in micro-inches for a value of RA (roughness average)

* Industry data for conventional abrasives on stainless steel.
** Rex-Cut RA values are measured with a Mahr Federal Surface analyzer. The values are an average taken from multiple measurements on 304 stainless steel.