Cotton Fiber Quick Change Discs

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Product Description

Remove small welds, blend machine tool marks, debur, break edges, and finish with our Cotton Fiber Quick Change Discs.


  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Exotic metals
  • Mild steel
  • Brass

Product Features

  • Outlasts coated quick change discs by a minimum of 10:1
  • No smearing on titanium and stainless steel
  • Grinds and finishes in one step
  • Smooth controlled grinding action
  • Non-loading on aluminum, as well as kevlar and other composites
  • Long life
  • Superior surface finishing


  • Aircraft/Aerospace: Deburring edges and blending mill marks on aluminum skins for fuselage/wings
  • Food Service: Blend and finish stainless steel kitchen components
  • Automotive: Grind and blend spot welds on galvanized steel auto frames
  • General Fabrication: Grinding and blending stainless/aluminum



QC Disc specifications should be ordered one or two grain sizes coarser than standard resin fiber discs. Example: A80 grit coated disc should be substituted with A54 or coarser, QC Disc.

For optimum use: use 2″ pad with 3″ disc and 1-1/2″ pad with 2″ disc.


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Grain Type: Aluminum Oxide or Silicon Carbide

Grain Size: 24*, 36, 54, 80, 120, 180+, 320+

XF – Extra Flexible
F – Flexible
M – Medium (stiff)

Common Applications & Specs

ApplicationAluminum/Non FerrousStainless SteelExoticsMild Steel
GrindingA24M, A36FA24MC24MA24M
BlendingA54F, A80FA36F, A54FC36FA36F, A54F
Corner BlendingA36FA36FC36FA24M, 36F
FinishingA80F, A120FA120F, A180FC54F, C80FA54F, A80F

* available in medium bond only
+ available in flexible bond only
Smaller sizes available on request

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