Cotton Fiber Type 27 Blending Wheels

Adaptor Select:

  • 5/8"-11 Mounted

Product Features:

  • Grind and finish in one step
  • Smooth controlled grinding action
  • Non loading on aluminum
  • Superior surface finishing on stainless steel and aluminum
  • Long-life and durability

DiameterThicknessArbor HolesMax RPM
1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”3/8”18000
1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”3/8”, 5/8”15300
4-1/2”1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”7/8”13300
3/16”, 1/4”7/8”12200

*Available in GFX only.

GFX Bond
Use this bond for blending and finishing applications on stainless steel and aluminum. It resists loading and is resilient for smooth operation on stainless steel tanks, vessels and other fabrications. A36 GFX: Blending on stainless steel and aluminum

MTX Bond
Use this bond for light or medium weld removal. Its resilient bonding provides easy control of cutting rate. It resists loading and offers excellent results for grinding aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. A24 MTX: Grinding aluminum

  • Grain sizes: A24, A36, A54, A80, A120. Silicon carbide available.
  • Bonds: MTX - Tough Resin Bond for grinding
  • GFX - Latex Bond for blending and finishing
  • Available with 5/8 - 11 throw away adapters - reusable adapter kits available upon request.

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*Available in GFX only.

Product Options
Combination of product variants is not available

Price: from $15.83

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