Sigma Green Grinding Wheels


  • Blend of high performance grain
    Unique bonding and wheel design


  • 50% faster cutting than aluminum oxide
    20% cooler cutting
    No discoloring and warpage of stainless steel
    Better finish
    Reduced operator fatigue
    Smoother and quieter grinding action with more control

Watch the fast grinding ability of  Sigma Green!

Typical Applications:

  • Tank Fabrication
    Power Plant Maintenance and Repair
    Welding/Metal Fabrication Shops
    Grind Stainless Steel, Inconel, and Titanium

SIGMA 60 grit wheels available for finer finishes. Excellent for use on thin gauge and sheet metal.

Model Mounting Procedures:

  • Available with 5/8 -11 throw away adaptors.

Availability Chart:

Size DiameterMaximum RPMSpecificationArborQuantity Per BoxPart No.
4 1530036GRIT5/8 25730001
4  x 3/8-241530036GRIT10730014
4 1/2 1330036GRIT7/8 25730000
4 1/2 1330060GRIT7/8 25730009
4 1/2  x 5/8-111220036GRIT10730002
4 1/2  x 5/8-111330060GRIT10730015
5 1220036GRIT7/8 25730005
5  x 5/8-111220036GRIT10730006
7 850036GRIT7/8 25730003
7  x 5/8-11850036GRIT10730004

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