Smooth Touch Blending and Finishing Wheels

smooth_touch_2013Introducing a brand new generation of non-woven cotton fiber products designed for blending and finishing in one operation. These wheels are designed to offer a greater amount of flexibility and operator feel when compared to our standard line of cotton fiber products. Smooth Touch products offer smooth grinding action and flexibility for the ultimate in operator control.


  • Light grinding and deburring
  • Blending, finishing, and polishing

Watch the cushion action, flexibility, and finishing capabilities of Smooth Touch!


Diameter x Width (inch)Maximum RPM
COARSE (green)
54 Grit
Maximum RPM
MEDIUM (red)
80 Grit
Maximum RPM
FINE (yellow)
120 Grit
Optimum RPM
All Grits
2 x 1/826500300003000012000
2-1/2 x 1/821500240002400010000
3 x 1/818000200002000010000
4 x 1/81400015500155008000
6 x 1/86000600060002500
2 x 1/421500240002400012000
2-1/2 x 1/417500190001900010000
3 x 1/414500160001600010000
4 x 1/41150012500125008000
6 x 1/4600600060002500


This item is not available for purchase online. Please contact us to order.