“While choosing an abrasive to use in a robotic deburring cell to finish the edge of a turbine blade, the Smooth Touch wheel outperformed non-woven nylon wheels significantly. It was able to obtain the desired finish without changing the part geometry as measured by a laser sensor.”

– Normand Stoycheff, Robotic Finishing Expert at AV&R Vision & Robotics


“Implementing the Rex-Cut Type 1 Braze Finishing Wheel at our plant to finish roof seams yielded direct results in both increased productivity and the quality of weld finish. This has led to significant cost savings for the production of Ibiza, our best selling car.”

– J. Mateo, Engineer at SEAT, a part of the Volkswagen Group in Spain


“I can say for sure that the material removing capabilities of Sigma Green Max has cut down expenses by at least 50 percent due to the longevity of the product, which keeps me from having to constantly buy flap wheels or grinding stones. But the biggest thing is frustration factor. I’m less fatigued at the end of the day, I spend less time changing out equipment, and I’m protecting my health. You can’t put a price on that.”

– Mark Wabol, Owner of Hot Metal Designs


“Excellent long lasting products at a reasonable price. Cutting wheels are well worth the money as they outlast competition 2-1 or more. We’re happy to buy an American made product that carries value.”

– Todd Alens